10th Anniversary!!!

The Sip Advisor is 10 years old today. During that time, I’ve made over 1,000 cocktails/shots and documented countless adventures from around the world.

While the project never became the cultural phenomenon I hoped it would be, I’ve enjoyed all I’ve learned about the beer, wine and spirit industries. Thank you to everyone that’s read any of my articles.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve done 365 days of cocktails and another 366 days of B.C. craft beers. We’ve travelled the world and enjoyed the flavour revolution. We’ve traversed the 50 American states and 10 Canadian provinces. 2023 will see the Sip Advisor delve into the best and worst of the 32 National Hockey League teams.

Personal developments have led to the introduction of Boy and Girl Sip (aka The Sipplings), along with a wild cast of characters, including Mrs. Sip, Ma and Pa Sip and others.

I look forward to the adventures the next 10 years of running this site will provide and how my liquor collection will grow over that span. Thank you again for following along on this journey!

-The Sip Advisor, ESQ.


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