2018 Site Update

Today marks the fifth anniversary of this website. Over that time, we have created over 700 cocktails and shots, while also taking the time to profile over 400 BC craft beers. Additionally, little sippers have lived vicariously through the Sip Advisor with 121 Sip Trip adventures documented.

So, what could possibly be next? Well, the Cocktail Corner feature will return following a couple years of hiatus. A new segment, Love & Hate, will also debut in 2018, highlighting three items I love and hate within a certain subject matter (ex. airports, comedians, chocolate bars, etc.). These items will be posted as regularly as I can, even with Baby Sip consuming much of my free time.

Speaking of Baby Sip, I’m hoping to continue my Baby Beverages articles, especially as I move into the role of primary parent, while on paternal leave. And don’t dare to think our Sip Trips will cease. No, there are many more exploits ahead.

Let me wrap by wishing all of you out there a very happy New Year and all the best in 2018!

New Year's

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