Sip Trips #93: Brews Brothers Volume 3

As the Sip Advisor has mentioned before, I’m not the biggest Twitter follower, but I seem to check my feed at just the right times… at the expense of Mrs. Sip’s hard-earned savings! That occurred again last weekend, as I learned of this new release and having enjoyed the last incarnation, I immediately made a trip to get my hands on the goods.

For the past two years, Parallel 49 Brewing has collaborated with 12 breweries throughout British Columbia to create their Brews Brothers cases. This year, they’re going international and working with some of the United States’ best beer companies for a four-bomber (650ml bottles) set. As in previous versions, the beers included feature a song-inspired name, with this year’s theme being old school West Coast hip hop. Each beverage is a limited edition entry, so let’s see what makes up the contents of the package:

Gettin’ It Farmhouse of the North (with 49th State Brewing from Anchorage, Alaska)

This farmhouse ale/saison is nicely spiced. Gettin’ It is a song by rapper Too $hort, which I had never heard before, showing my affinity for this musical genre.

Baby Got Back Hoppy Hefe (with Scuttlebutt Brewing from Everett Washington)

Using the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot track as their muse, this hopped-up hef has a little something on the back end and why not, given the tune was inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s booty.

Parallel 49 Brews Brothers Volume 3.JPG

Blazing Arrow Tawny IPA (with Gigantic Brewing from Portland, Oregon)

And we’re back to unfamiliar songs and artists with Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious. As for the brew, this was Cousin Sip’s pick of the litter from the case.

What’s Golden East Meets West IPA (with Green Flash Brewing from San Diego, California)

My favourite beer of the bunch and we finish with yet another ditty (What’s Golden) and group (Jurassic 5) I can’t say I know. I suppose I have to do some serious studying of the era.

Hitting store shelves late last month, the product can be found at BC Liquor Stores and private retailers, throughout the province. Coming in at about $30 after taxes and deposit, this release may seem a little pricy, but it’s comparatively equivalent to picking up four random bomber-sized bottles.

“As far apart as the breweries are from each other, it was neat to see how much we had in common,” said Graham With, Parallel 49’s head brewer. “The process of coming up with recipes with each brewery from the United States was surprisingly smooth. Collaborating with these breweries shed light on our similarities and allowed us to get ideas from other perspectives.”

The whole experience has the Sip Advisor already looking forward to Brews Brothers Volume 4. That arrival can’t come soon enough!

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