BC Beer Baron #309 – East Van Downtown Honey Brown

Following our evening at the BC Beer Awards, our group popped into Stateside Craft for a bite to eat and a beverage (or two). Along with a bevy of American craft beers, they also had a few East Van Brewing beverages available.

With my mind on this BC Beer Baron project, I ordered the brewery’s Downtown Honey Brown. This dark lager is light with a noticeable sweetness. At 5% ABV and 8 IBUs, the drink probably won’t set the craft brew world on fire, but it’s a serviceable refreshment.


I believe the beer is only available on tap at select locations. As one description of the beer states: “Sometimes you gotta go downtown to find that honey!” I have come across one picture that shows a similarly titled brew in can form, but can’t verify its legitimacy.

Unfortunately, finding information about East Van Brewing is not very easy. I know, over time, I’ve drank a few of their products, such as at The Winking Judge Pub, but they don’t seem to have any online presence, which is too bad.

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