BC Beer Baron #190 – Hoyne Summer Haze Honey Hefe

Back for another summer, this Hoyne Brewing selection is one of the handful of bombers I picked up while the Sip Syndicate was recently terrorizing the Kelowna wine region and I’m very glad I did.

The Summer Haze Honey Hefe is not as sweet as you’d expect, which is a good thing. All too often, I find beers that include honey to be overly sugary and off-putting. The 5.1% ABV, mildly hoppy beverage features flavours of wheat, citrus, and honey, of course. It’s very easy drinking and perfect for beach days, as Hoyne advises.

Hoyne Summer Haze Honey Hefe

The brewery has some pretty wacky descriptions for their products and the Honey Hefe is no different: “On a sunny summer day, just like today, the Great and Wonderful Oz set sail in his hot-air balloon. As ballast, some say, his basket was loaded to the brim with Hoyne Hefeweizen. After lift-off, his thirst gathered like a summer storm. Quenching it, he lightened his load, and found himself carried delightfully away. The rest, as they say, is his story.”

Interesting (perhaps bizarre is a more apropos term) accounts aside, the Sip Advisor is a big proponent of Hoyne and their lineup of brews. Their Dark Matter is among my favourite BC beers, while their Devil’s Dream IPA is also a solid release.

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