BC Beer Baron #88 – Trading Post Derby Hop Session Lager

Mrs. Sip and I were able to get into Trading Post Brewing on their second day of public existence and it’s my understanding that the brewery is thriving a couple months into its life.

While we had different favourites among our flights, we both agreed that the Derby Hop Session Lager was a really good beer and among the top of our lists from their menu. The brew finishes with a little more hoppy profile (21 IBUs) than one would expect from the traditional lager-style of beer, coming from Mittelfruh and Cascade hops. I’m always open to this, though and even Mrs. Sip was onboard.

Trading Post Brewing Board

The Derby does come in with a lighter alcohol content (4.75% ABV), however, making it a very good introductory beer for visitors. I have heard from others that the Hop Session Lager is amongst their favourites and I can fully understand why.

I have been impressed by some of the events Trading Post has already presented at their Langley facility, despite being so new to the game. This has included a chocolate and beer pairing (which Mrs. Sip and I attended) as well as a cupcake and beer pairing.

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