BC Beer Baron #59 – Up Your Sporran Scotch Ale

Among the charter members of the Sip Syndicate are a few that really love scotch ales. So, it was no surprise to the Sip Advisor that when we visited Main Street Brewing and I saw that style on their menu, that a few servings were ordered without hesitation.

Using peated malt, the Up Your Sporran Scotch Ale has an element of smoke to it, but not a dramatic amount. The dark, roasty brew really reminded me of a beer-Scotch amalgamation, which went down smoothly, in spite of its 7.3% ABV. This winter seasonal will please many.

Main Street Up Your Sporran Scotch Ale

So, what is a sporran, some of you might be asking? Look no further, as the Sip Advisor has done that research for you. A sporran is the pouch that is worn as part of a man’s Scottish Highland dress, to go along with their kilt. It’s like an ancient fanny pack, which can definitely come in handy when donning otherwise pocketless garments. I have to wonder why the beer wasn’t called Up Your Kilt Scotch Ale, but then again, I’m not the one making decisions at the brewery.

That about wraps up our most recent visit to Main Street Brewing. Given our last jovial experience there, we will be back soon, with hopefully a whole new set of brews to enjoy.

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