Flavour Revolution – Ginger

Name Value

When the Sip Advisor was just a young juice drinker, he had a long-haired orange tabby cat named Ginger. It seems that most kitties of this variety receive the Ginger moniker and I’ve even seen it used as a joke at an improv show in Toronto. Here are the names the Sip Family has utilized for kitties, over the years:

Milky Way & Tiger

These were the first two cats Broski Sip and I received. We were both quite young, so I don’t remember too much about either. Milky Way was an all-white cat, while Tiger was a tiger-patterned kitten, of course. Sadly, Tiger didn’t live too long, hit by a car when he was only about six months old. Milky Way was with us until we moved houses and upon getting out for the very first time at the new place, disappeared, never to be seen again.

cat construction

Ginger Snap

Tiger was replaced by Ginger Snap, who was one of the kindest, most gentle creatures I’ve ever known – unless he was chasing a string of yarn. He was a long-haired orange tabby, adept at mouse and bird hunting. He even tried to bring a frog home once, a gift for his family! Ginger lived a decent life of eight years, his passing shrouded by some mystery. He was found on the side of the road, presumably hit by a car. What muddies the waters is that he was found outside the home of the neighbourhood recluse and we wonder if Ginger met a more sinister end.


Quickly renamed Nutsy, due to his crazed, wild side, this cat was quick to snap and had a look about him that said: “You’re going to get scratched… and I’m going to enjoy it!” Nutsy and I never really got along and he was another cat who simply vanished. I like to think that he was more of the travelling nomad type of cat and one day he just picked up and moved on to his next adventure.


This was supposed to be Ginger Jr., but we never really got around to naming him and for one reason or another, the moniker of “Baby” just stuck. Baby was another sweet and good-natured long hair orange tabby, who loved a good cuddle whenever the Sip Advisor sat back long enough to be joined. After only a year and a half, Baby went missing, in a neighbourhood mystery we were never quite able to solve.


Crash and Bubba

At the time the Sip Family picked up Crash and Bubba in 2001, myself and Broski Sip were massive wrestling fans and we wanted our new kittens to have names that reflected our love for the entertainment. We tossed around a number of options that might work, drawing from the endless list of gimmicks past and present. We settled on Crash and Bubba, homages to Crash Holly and Bubba Ray Dudley, respectively. Crash died at the age of four, a victim of coyotes or some other predator, while Bubba lived a long 12 years.

Bam Bam & Pebbles

Sticking with our wrestling names, we knew we’d name one cat Bam Bam, in honour of Bam Bam Bigelow, but weren’t sure what second name would be used. When the second cat ended up being female, the Pebbles name just fit naturally, thanks to The Flintstones cartoon. Pebbles started out all white, but over time, darker fur came in and her name really suits. Bam Bam has long been my little furry buddy, often called by his nickname of Furious B. Both cats are still with our family and doing well at the age of 13. Bammy just caught a bird today, actually!


This beautiful cat started showing up at the back porch of Ma and Pa Sip’s home in the winter of 2007, while I had joined Mrs. Sip in Australia. In Skype conversations with family back at home, I was told of this cat that didn’t seem to have a home, hanging around. Ma and Pa Sip fed the cat a few times and before you knew it, she’d moved in and parked herself firmly on the couches and beds. She rarely goes outside, which is kind of understandable, given her history, but after all these years, she should know she has a home!

Flavour Revolution: Gold Rush

Gold Rush Cocktail

Other popular cat names include: Tigger, Hobbes, Chloe, Oliver, Shadow, and Max. Some of those make the list for obvious reasons, while others are a little more obscure. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down the Sip Advisor’s memory lane… until next time!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (2.5 Sips out of 5):
I was looking forward to this drink, but was a little disappointed with how strong it was. I think it would have benefited from more of a mixer addition than just a splash of Lemon Juice. Perhaps some Sweet & Sour Mix or a Lemon-Lime Soda would work best.

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