BC Beer Baron #211 – Phillips Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale

A family friend will often bring over a six-pack of beer when visiting Ma and Pa Sip’s place and whatever is left over, is often gifted to me. Through this, we’ve developed a bit of an unwritten beer trading deal, with our latest swap resulting in a couple bottles of this Phillips Brewing beverage.

The Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale is citrus-infused with a refreshing, balanced finish. Part of the Phillips full-time lineup, the 5.2% ABV product is available in bottled six-packs, as well as 473ml tall cans.

Phillips Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale

The beer’s name is an homage to short wave radio frequencies. Phillips writes of the brew: “Scan through static and tune in to the Short Wave.” They also hope that drinkers will the frequency frequently.

I first sampled this beer back at the Tapped Vancouver event earlier this year. With a full dosage and a better understanding of the brew, I think it works better in the summer months.

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