BC Beer Baron #203 – Be Right Back Kentucky Common

Upon entering the recent Tip N’ Taste beer event in Langley, my first drink of the night was from Be Right Back Brewing and it got the festivities off to a good start.

The Kentucky Common is a flagship beer for BRB and a style I’ve come to enjoy, as I occasionally find the option at some tasting rooms. At 4.7% ABV and 21 IBUs, the beverage isn’t a heavy hitter, but is a solid release, with some good flavour.

Be Right Back Kentucky Common

As mentioned by the brewery, Kentucky Commons were popular with the working class of Louisville, Kentucky during prohibition times. The beer is rare to find now, but more and more companies are experimenting with the style, bringing it back to prominence.

Mrs. Sip and I would like to return to BRB’s Richmond brew pub, where we enjoyed a meal and drink earlier this year. BRB used to go by the name Big River Brewing, but changed its moniker in September 2015 to reinvigorate their brand, product line and restaurant.

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