BC Beer Baron #149 – Rossland 7 Summits Milk Stout

Recently, Mrs. Sip travelled to Rossland, BC for a night to make a court appearance for a client there. As she went for a walk around the tiny town, she discovered they had their own brewery. Despite being closed, she vowed to return the next day and check out all Rossland Brewing had to offer.

After trying the three beers the nano brewery had on tap that day, it was decision time on what to fill a Boston up with to bring back home for the ol’ Sip Advisor. The server suggested their 7 Summits Milk Stout, as it’s their most popular product. After sampling it for myself, I can see why it picked up a gold medal at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards, in the Stout category.

Rossland 7 Summits Milk Stout

Described as a ‘Sweet Stout’, the 5.9% ABV, 20 IBUs beverage was a treat, with flavours of rich chocolate and coffee. Add a little roast and smoke (the name of the pro wrestling tag team that lives in my mind and are good friends, but better enemies!) to the experience and the Sip Advisor was in heaven.

It may be hard for most to get their hands on any Rossland Brewing suds. Only on rare occasions do they do any bottling and those items are sent to local liquor stores and then fly off the shelves. It seems you have to be in the vicinity and either come across their beers on tap at area bars or visit the brewery itself. Thanks to Mrs. Sip for getting some for me!

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