BC Beer Baron #112 – Mission Springs Lemon Ginger Radler

I’m not much of a fan of light beers, but I can still appreciate a good one, such as this release from Mission Springs Brewing.

The Lemon Ginger Radler comes in at a minute 3% ABV, but all the flavours are nice and complement each other. The recipe takes the brewery’s Trailblazer Pilsner and adds California lemons and ginger root infusion to the mix. This results in a refreshing, well-balanced beverage, featuring a ginger bite on the finish.

Mission Springs Lemon Ginger Radler

For those unfamiliar with the Radler style of brewing, it’s basically a beer-lemonade hybrid. Mission Springs suggests serving the drink over ice and as they say, what else should you do when “When Life gives you lemons…”

We stopped at the Mission Springs Brew Pub for some nourishment along our recent Fraser Valley brewery crawl. I thought the bar had a cozy feel to it and would love to return to try other items on their menu.

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2 thoughts on “BC Beer Baron #112 – Mission Springs Lemon Ginger Radler

  1. I also hate “light” beers but I only equate that word with flavorless Macro swill. I find many session ales that are made well are really full of flavour. Raddlers are even different with the addition of juice they are bursting with flavour. This stuff is amazing in the summer!

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