BC Beer Baron #92 – Spinnakers Chocoholic Chocolate Milk Stout

Taking me back to the good ol’ days of grocery shopping with Ma Sip and being allowed to select a treat for my good behaviour, Mrs. Sip gave me the same opportunity on a recent trip to a BC Liquor Store location. My choice was from Victoria’s Spinnakers Brew Pub.

With the store getting ready to close up for the night and with a friend’s place to be, I hurriedly selected the Chocoholic Chocolate Milk Stout. I’ve really come to like Spinnakers line-up and wanted to dip once again into their work.

Spinnakers Chocoholic Chocolate Stout

The stout was not as chocolatey as I hoped it would be, but was still a good beer. At 7.75% ABV, it was just right for sitting back on the late Friday evening and letting a well-constructed brew bring me into the weekend. As I relaxed, Mrs. Sip and her girlfriends had to stress pack for a weekend away in Las Vegas.

I really like what Spinnakers have to say about this product, so I’m sharing it with all you little sippers: “There is more to the relationship between chocolate and beer than tastes and indulgences, both being prehistoric from an ancient past. It is impossible to know which came first but here we present these two fermented foods in a modern relationship, designed to last until the last drop.”

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