BC Beer Baron #72 – Dockside Winter Bock

Last weekend, Mrs. Sip and I met on Granville Island and went for drinks at the Dockside Restaurant, which also houses their own brewery.

Winter may be coming to an end, as hinted at with some of the weather we received during the course of that weekend, but why not sample what’s left of the season in the restaurant’s Winter Bock? This seasonal lager was decent. Nothing that will blow your mind, but worth trying.

Dockside Winter Bock

Apparently, in past years, Dockside’s Winter Bock has come with a much higher alcohol content, with some versions reaching 9% ABV. The version we had was much lighter and I wish I could try the previous incarnations.

Dockside is perfectly located along the waters of Granville Island. The restaurant has been publicly voted Vancouver’s best patio for five years running by the Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards and I can vouch for the experience. It’s a great place to try local seafood dishes, while enjoying a gorgeous summer sunset.

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