BC Beer Baron #64 – Big River Deadpale Ale

With Deadpool topping the theatre box office (amazingly awesome movie, by the way), why not create a beer to capitalize on the phenomenon. That’s exactly what Big River Brewing was thinking.

The Deadpale Ale (sometimes going by the name Deadpool) is light with fighting fruit flavours of white grape and watermelon. Before heading out to Big River, this was the beer I targetted having and although my high expectations weren’t exactly met, I’m glad I had the chance to try the beverage.

Big River Deadpale Ale

The beer is a limited session release and worth giving a shot. At the very least, you could combine it with three other samplers to complete a flight and pair it with one of the brew pubs pizzas or other dishes.

I first tried some Big River selections at Langley’s Tip N’ Taste in July, but only recently finally got to their Richmond location. During our meal, Mrs. Sip ordered their OMG G&T, which was very good and only $5 during our visit. The Gin & Tonic included elderflower liqueur, lime and berries with the more traditional ingredients.

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