BC Beer Baron #56 – Deep Cove Scout Rye IPA

The final stop of our recent North Vancouver brewery crawl brought us to Deep Cove Brewing, where despite the lateness in the day and still having to make the trek back home, we made sure to enjoy our brief layover.

The Scout Rye IPA was my favourite beer amongst all the Deep Cove options we tried (one of everything is usually how we try to roll). I’m an IPA fan, though, so other drinkers – including the rest of my own crew – would likely not agree with the Sip Advisor. At 7% ABV and 82 IBUs, this brew (formerly known as the Star Struck Rye IPA) is not for lightweights. I’m finding more and more that I enjoy an element of rye, whiskey or bourbon in my beers, as an experience enhancer.

Deep Cove Scout Rye IPA

The beer’s can design features a logo used by hikers to mark routes through the North Shore Rainforest. The brewery writes, “Whether pinned to a tree or on the front of a can you can be sure it will lead you to a bold epic adventure.”

Deep Cove is one of the most active breweries I’ve come across, as far as planned events go. Live music is a regular fixture and they seem to be more involved in the community than many of their fellow operations. Deep Cove also distills their own vodka and gin, with both spirits being available in their North Vancouver tasting room.

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