BC Beer Baron #54 – Black Kettle Tropic Thunder Saison

A true highlight of our recent self-guided North Vancouver brewery tour was popping into Black Kettle Brewing, a place I had wanted to visit since picking them as my MVP of the Tapped Vancouver event we attended in late January.

Their Tropic Thunder Saison was every bit as good as the movie that inspired it and made me go back and watch the film again. This saison was hoppier than most beers of this breed, but I think that is what I liked most about it. At 5.5% ABV, this experimental brew was a hit amongst our entire group and I think we’re lucky it was on tap when we happened to be there.

Black Kettle Brewing

On this visit to Black Kettle, we had a fantastic time with Philip (one of the founders of the brewery), who gave me the impression that he could very well be the Seth Rogen of BC’s craft beer scene. What was supposed to be just a drink each, turned into a much longer stay (trying everything they had on tap) and we only left because we had two other destinations on our itinerary with daylight running out.

For those also hoping to stop into Black Kettle’s tasting room, it should be noted that Google’s walking directions might not be very helpful, as they try to lead you through a marina with no exit; railway tracks that are technically private property and illegal to be traversing on foot; and Native reserve land, which in this case was maze-like. Don’t go chasing waterfalls, my little sippers, please stick to the main roads that you’re used to!

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