BC Beer Baron #37 – Spinnakers India Pale Ale

I have great faith in Spinnakers Brewing. After all, they managed to make a good Oyster Stout, so anything else must be great.

Their India Pale Ale is modeled after Northern England’s take on the beer, which many moons ago was prepared this way so it would survive arduous sea voyages and still be drinkable by the ship’s crew. With stats of 7.1% ABV and 55 IBU, this beer isn’t for lightweights and newbies, but hardened veterans of the IPA scene. And that’s just the way the Sip Advisor likes ‘em.

Spinnakers India Pale Ale

The brewpub mentions that this beer is a favourite among their regulars and you can add the Sip Advisor to that growing list.

Next time Mrs. Sip and I find ourselves in Victoria, I’m making it a priority to visit Spinnakers. Yes, I’m putting it ahead of family and friends who have moved to the island because I need to visit this establishment that is celebrating their 31st year of operation. At the very least, I have to keep a keen eye on lookout for any of their products that come available in local stores, as they have a very eclectic line-up of products that I would love to sample. The brewpub even has guesthouses you can stay in, should you choose. Sounds right up our alley!

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