BC Beer Baron #20 – Real Cask Burnley Bastard Mild

At the Winter Beer Hall that Mrs. Sip and I recently attended at Big Rock Urban Brewery, this was Real Cask Brewing’s contribution to the festivities.

I wasn’t a big fan of the Burnley Bastard Mild. At only 3%, it’s incredibly light and I’ve come to expect stronger flavours and profiles from my craft beers. I believe, though, that others will appreciate the brew for what it is. It just wasn’t in my wheelhouse. I do have to say, it has a hell of a name.

Real Cask Burnley Bastard Mild

Callister Brewing, which houses Real Cask, has a very interesting set-up in that it provides space and equipment for a number of independent brewers (both professional and amateur alike) in a collaborative effort to get their products out to a larger audience. Currently operating out of the space are Callister, Real Cask, Machine Ales, and Brewery Creek.

The one time Mrs. Sip and I have been able to get to Callister Brewing, we put together a sampler of every beer they had available and ended up with 13 different selections to choose from. It was fun going through each one, some of which were quite diverse from anything else on the market.

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