BC Beer Baron #14 – Tofino Tuff Session Ale

I could be wrong, but this may be my first experience drinking a Tofino Brewing offering. I feel as if I sampled something from the company at a beer festival before, but can’t confirm that.

If this is, in fact, my first impression, it’s a good one. The Tuff Session Ale is a very drinkable beer that I think would be a good starting point for those new to craft brewing and beer in general. Available year round, this pale ale is unfiltered and all natural. I’d expect nothing less from the small community.

Tofino Tuff Session Ale

The name of the beer comes from Tofino’s nickname as Tuff (or Tough) City. While it’s hard to peg down exactly why Tofino adopted this nickname – stories range from its history as a logging and fishing community to it being a shortened slang term (ie. “I’m going to Tof,” but pronounced Tuf) – it has been adopted by many local businesses, such as Tough City Clothing and Tough City Sushi.

Mrs. Sips Take:

Despite a bitter finish, I enjoyed the sweetness of this beer. My first sip was while the beer was a little warmer, so I wondered if that made my experience different. My second sip was fresh from the fridge and I thought the Sip Advisor had poured a different beer. It was still very easy to drink.

The brewery has some neat things going on, that will hopefully eventually be included in this project, such as the Kelp Stout, Spruce Tree Ale, and Hunt & Gather Kettle Sour. Mrs. Sip and I have both never been to Tofino, a prime spot for surfing and storm watching. I feel as if we’ve failed as British Columbians, although the revelation of this brewery existing is another drawing point.

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