Flavour Revolution – Jalapeno

High Flyers

Jalapenos may not get into many mouths, as there are those who try to avoid spicy food at all costs, but they have ventured into space. Taken aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1982 by astronaut William B. Lenoir, jalapenos are certainly not the craziest item to leave the earth’s atmosphere. Here are some of those items:

Ashes to Ashes

There are a number of folks out there that would probably like for their remains to be floated into space for eternity. For astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh, that exact wish was granted aboard the New Horizons mission in July 2015. What makes Mr. Tombaugh so special? Well, he discovered the planet Pluto and this journey was the closest man or machine had ever been to the celestial object. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry also had his ashes shot into space in 1997, joining portions of scientist Krafft Ehricke.

laundry ashes

If You Build It…

While LEGO has marketed entire lines of space-themed sets, the company can also claim to have had some of their characters enter the vast universe outside of earth’s borders. These little yellow men weren’t just any person, though. Miniatures of philosopher and astronomer Galileo, as well as Roman gods Jupiter and Juno were created for to join the few humans who can say they’ve enjoyed interstellar travel. Other toys to reach space include a Buzz Lightyear action figure… to infinity and beyond, indeed!

Special Sounds

A number of recordings have been sent into space during humans exploration of it. This includes The Beatles song Across the Universe (with a special message from Paul McCartney: “Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul.”); Louis Armstrong performing his Melancholy Blues; a recording of a mother kissing her child; a sheepherder… well, herding sheep; a blacksmith at work (is this still a thing!?); the brainwaves of Ann Druyan; Morse Code; laughter; a heartbeat; a hyena; the sawing of wood; and a steam train; among many others.

The Force

Many youngsters have become enamoured with space thanks to the Star Wars franchise of movies, so it’s fitting that a lightsaber prop from 1983’s Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, would make its way out of earth’s atmosphere aboard the Discovery shuttle in 2007. On the flip side of that, is the fact that a poster from the 1984 “classic” Top Secret!, starring Val Kilmer, has also enjoyed a trip through the galaxies. Why this movie was selected amidst all the potential sci-fi classics is a question aliens couldn’t even probe.

owning a lightsaber

Sport Spectacle

Sports play a great role in human existence, so why not bring some of those items up into space. First, there’s the infamous golf shots that have taken place on the moon, including a 200-yard zero gravity bomb, hit by astronaut Alan Shepard. After that, things get a little weirder. In 2008, astronaut and New York Yankees enthusiast Garret Reisman decided to bring some dirt from the Yankee Stadium pitcher’s mound aboard his journey. Lastly, a set of NASCAR green flags were taken into orbit, but the shuttle did more than just loop a track repeatedly.

Reading Material

In 1967, a member of the Apollo 12 backup crew decided to bring a time killing slice of Americana with him. That ended up being a copy of Playboy magazine, which I’m sure was only aboard the spaceship for the articles! Many years later, 100,000 Craigslist advertisements were launched into space. At least the early days of flight have also been paid homage to during space missions: a piece of the Wright brothers first plane to leave the ground was taken into space, as was the watch and scarf worn by Amelia Earhart.

Flavour Revolution:  Pepino Diablo

  • Muddle Cucumbers
  • 2 oz Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila
  • Splash of Lime Juice
  • Dash of Agave Nectar
  • Garnish with a Cucumber Slice

Considering everything that we’ve sent into space, any life that does exist out there must certainly have formed some interesting opinions about us. Chief among those, must be how easily an invasion of earth would be to undertake. After all, just distract us with toys, music, sports, and Playboy magazines and it’s practically mission accomplished!

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