Flavour Revolution – Pumpkin

Hack Happy

The word pumpkin first appeared in the fairy tale Cinderella, which sees the princess-to-be transported to the big ball via a pumpkin carriage. Call it what you will, but Cinderella basically stumbled upon a wonderful life hack we all wish we had access to… here are some lesser hacks the Sip Advisor is down with:

Lost Luggage

Nowadays, everyone seems to have similar luggage to one another and it’s hard when you’re at the airport baggage claim with hundreds of tired travellers, waiting for your bags to roll across your spot at carousel. You worry that someone will grab your stuff and not realize or that you won’t be able to spot your own gear. Those fears can all be avoided by tying something around one of the handles that is totally unique.


Instant Freeze

We’ve all been there before. You didn’t plan ahead and now you have a bottle of room temperature beer or wine that you desperately want to crack into, but it’s just not going to taste very well unless you can get it chilled… and fast. Well, simply wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and toss it in the freezer for a short time. Before you know it, you’re ready to rock and your drink is too!

Grape Escape

Another strategy for fans of vino sees the use of frozen grapes, in place of ice cubes, so as to not dilute your drink. Personally, I’m happy to have ice in my wine (including reds), but the odd dirty look I receive – usually from Mrs. Sip – has caused me to pause and rethink my practices. A number of cocktail could benefit from similar creations, also adding an element of visual pleasure.

Cord Clusters

I’ve always found it amazing how cords seem to have a life of their own and all they want to do is get tangled with other cords. I guess that’s similar to humans and their desire to be loved and with a partner. Anyway, using binder clips can help keep cords separated while they’re plugged into the wall. When storing cords between uses, place them inside used toilet paper rolls to give them their own little dwelling.

Collar Calamity

Whenever I put a collared shirt through the laundry for the first time, I’m never sure what the result will be and whether the garment will survive its foray into the washer and dryer or come out wrinkled and ruined. Using a hair straightener on any wrecked collar can return it to its former glory. I have yet to use this little trick myself, but I have a closet full of shirts I can experiment with.

Tape Turmoil

After years of working in an office and having to use packing tape frequently, I started using a paper clip at the front end, so I could easily find the edge when using it again. What’s annoying is when people don’t understand what you’re doing and constantly remove the clip you were using to keep your tape end ready to draw from. These people will end up in office purgatory; eventually having to serve a devil boss… perhaps they’re already there!

Nailed Down

I can’t count how many times I’ve hit my finger and thumb when using a hammer. This especially occurs when camping and driving in spikes to hold the tent down to the ground. The simple idea of using a clothespin to hold a nail or those spikes would have saved me a lot of pain and frustration. Now I want to hit the great outdoors and experiment with this novel idea. Sure, I could just do a household project, but drinking outside is better!

Flavour Revolution: Dessert Table

One thing I learned while working on this article is the origin of Jack-O’-Lanterns. It all started with an Irish dude named Stingy Jack, who managed to trick the devil repeatedly. When Jack died, he was stuck in limbo and roamed restlessly, with only a burning coal to light his way. He was then referred to as Jack of the Lantern and later Jack-O’-Lantern. To keep this spirit away, the Irish carved turnips and potatoes, filling them with light, before they discovered pumpkins when immigrating to the United States.

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