Sip Trips #21: Laugh Factory

The Sip Trips week began with a couple select beers on a friend’s patio, visiting and watching the sunset. The brews included the Driftwood White Bark Witbier and Phillip’s Longboat Chocolate Porter. Both were great choices, from Vancouver Island, to unwind and enjoy the twilight together.

The next day brought a little craziness, as Vancouver’s transit system was shutdown thanks to a bird nest fire (or some other bs). This left Mrs. Sip in a bit of a lurch, but we’re pretty good at improvising and so we made a day out of it all. After deciding to skip work, Mrs. Sip ran some errands and met me for lunch downtown. We met a Cavo Bar + Kitchen to enjoy a rare weekday meal together. I was very impressed by their burger, while refreshing myself with a Pabst Blue Ribbon… after all, only good things can happen after having a PBR!


When the work day was done, we reconvened for some happy hour fun. Mrs. Sip and I had long wanted to try Lickerish Lounge – attracted by their happy hour food and drink deals – and finally had the opportunity to do so. While quenching our thirst with $3 beers and well drinks, we ordered an array of $4 appies, with the establishment’s tacos being by far the best item and the yam fries coming in second. Part of me wanted to pull the management aside and point out the glaring misspelling of the bar’s name, but I resisted the urge!

While meeting up with friends over drinks, Mrs. Sip convinced them all (one of her most deadly skills) to join us at the show we were attending that night at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. The feature comic was Ron Funches, who I have grown to enjoy recently, thanks to his appearances on the show @Midnight. The show was incredibly funny, accompanied by buckets of Red Truck beer… the perfect set-up to the weekend ahead.

The weekend was relatively quiet, which was needed after the craziness of the last month for Mrs. Sip and I. We did manage to hit The Keefer Bar, which is very close to the place we’re currently staying. For anyone that hasn’t visited this place before, it’s quite the sensory experience. The art and decoration in the place can only be described as medical and to go along with this theme; their cocktail menu is labelled ‘Remedies and Cures’. Mrs. Sip and I ordered the Milk and Honey and Pineapple Express cocktails, respectively. You don’t get much of a serving and I would have loved a little more chili in my drink to give it more of a bite. The highlight of our stop was the Edamame Dip, which we devoured in quick order.

Things will certainly pick up this weekend as Vancouver Craft Beer Week has arrived and we have a busy schedule of events coming up (beer trivia, beer and sandwich pairing, beer cocktails… all the great things in life!). Sounds like the perfect tonic!

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